Sunday, September 11, 2011

searching for MOTIVATION ??

Assalam..hi there,, w0w loOk like this blog having such a long time not updated! haha...well i'm bz kowt.., no time...right nOw is my new sem in study..yup after having long time hOliday..hoh0...anyway the journey was started.. i must struggle so that i get the stupendous grades and improve my latest result (huh berkobar2 dh ni ). well to all 1st year juniOr especially in upm i wish all the best to uollz..always have a great day in upm, some motivation i want to share sO that uollz become so full in beans before starting the class (jd skema jap hihihi)
Firstly never label studying as “boring”, “painful” or “uncomfortable”. That way you’ll be pre-framing yourself negatively even before you start.. ( kene kata best even the subject is boring...lalala~). 0k back to the normal, studying is a meaningful jOurney of discovery. It just like a battle of life..( ngn muka serious) therefore you’d hav lost the battle before it even began. In fact, don’t even call it a battle.
I'm a student of life...therefore i know the hardest part of doing anything especially in studying is getting started. The first step is always the toughest.. haishh den pon xlopeh :(
anyway, after u got that out of the way, it’s all downhill. This is because once you’ve got momentum; it’s easy to keep it going. So it’s vital that u get yourself g0ing in the first place.

just like when u r driving alOng a high hill...the first move is quite difficult...however after u push up the momentum, it can be like this...perrghh laju kOwt hahahaa :P
*kenderaan berat ikut kiri~~~~ 
Therefore just plan to study for 5 minutes. That’s it, just 5 minutes. Tell yOurself that you’ll be studying seriously for 5 minutes then you’ll st0p. yeah that's a marvellOus way to trick ourselves to keep going on study..hoHo...but..(urmm still ada but eh) but make sure for those 5 minutes is used for study...never hav distract by other stuff okeh! 
next u must SET your OwN gOalS...finish chpter 1 and 2..MUST do it!! haha this is some way u can set goals...When there’s a target to aim at, we’ll be mOre determined rise up t0 the challenge and push ourselves to achieve it =)
0key time's up nOw..goOd luck..have a nice day! May ALLAH bless us~
Lastly, say takbir!! ALLAHUAKBAR!! 0ne twO three.. smile and click nuffnang :D

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