Friday, December 2, 2011

i wanna to sleep..but...

alhamdulillah.... finally all my TEST 2 done...yeayyhh!!!
hOpefully its better than test 1...yup...confirm..hehehe INSYAALLAH~

ok for this entry i want to share some tips to avoid sleep without taking any it's save to try..kih3 (ni untuk sesape yang suka study last minit) is wiered right???hoh0ho...

bestnye baby ni tido....gagaga~jelous...nak tido jgk huhu

uollz can try this....
the first tip :: when you feel sleepy, just Open your "mukabuku" a.k.a faceBo0k...seriously its working!! 
i had tried it...hahaha...

but remember not take too much time on it..
if not.........(lu pkir la sendiri)

next tip :: wet your pillow and blanket...hihi..musim hujan camni tido xpakai selimut sejuk kOwtt...ngeeee~
confirm you cannot sleep..wakaka

last tip :: when you feel speepy, do your mathematics homework so that your brain triggers some questions.
buat kira-kira..jangan baca buku-buku tebal plak

ok dont forget try all of that!! 
haha( tula study last minit lagi...kan susah tu)

lastly 1, 2, :D
remember Allah always be with us :)


  1. Yes, Its believe from heart that Allah is always with us..thanks friends. like it.

  2. hehe..nice entry...
    tapi, kalau mengadap mukabuku mmg jawabnye bley ta tido sampai ke subuh..huhu